Sweet Lake, Bitter Lake 

Side A

1. Atom Smash
2. Mare Imbrium
3. Tardigrade
4. Future Mythology

Side B

5. Antiobject Loop-IIB
6. Severe Clear
7. Ununtrium
Bonus Track. The Dead Beekeeper’s Honey

Total Running Time: 23:55

Recorded at home between 2013 - 2016 in Austin, TX, Palo Alto, CA & Ann Arbor, MI. All sounds by SCP.

Mastered at 158 (Brisbane) by Lawrence English.

Thank you to Lawrence, Primoz & Nina.
Love to Allie & Marty, Trevor, Ryan, Tom & Other Friends & Family.

Released on limited edition cassette by Cloudchamber Recordings in 2016. 

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