Interfax Ghosts (OUT ON SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2016)

Side A

1. Antagonis
2. Mondragon
3. Redacted Documents Are
Just Rothko Walls / Iron Dome

Side B

4. Graviton
5. Antiobject ntid-IBa1
6. Kenojuak Ashevak
7. The Flowers of Edo

Total Running Time:  31:50

Recorded at home between 2014 - 2016 in Austin, TX, Palo Alto, CA & Ann Arbor, MI.

International Space Station Shortwave Radio field recording on Redacted Documents by Ryan Howard. 

Tokyo Metro field recording on Kenojuak Ashevak by Eric Frey. All other sounds by SCP.

Mastered at 158 (Brisbane) by Lawrence English.

Thank you to Primoz & Nina. Love to Allie & Marty.

Released on limited edition cassette by Cloudchamber Recordings in 2016.

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